In many places in life, conveyor belts are used for cargo transportation, common minerals, cement, metallurgy, conveyor belts are also used on various logistics workbenches, Some special fields such as food, medicine, and some high-temperature environments have special requirements for conveyor belts.

Safety is at the core of the food industry, and many companies are using stainless steel conveyor belts. In the working environment of some food conveyor belts, stainless steel conveyor belts are not the best choice. Relatively speaking, Teflon conveyor belts are better.

The difference between Teflon conveyor belt and stainless steel conveyor belt

Teflon conveyor belt is a new type of composite material made of glass fiber cloth coated with Teflon resin and processed by mechanical processing. Teflon conveyor belts are divided into two categories with mesh and no mesh. The specific model is generally defined according to the size of the mesh and the thickness of the conveyor belt.

The stainless steel conveyor belt is made of stainless steel. The stainless steel conveyor belt has mesh holes on it, which has good ventilation effect.

Compared with stainless steel conveyor belts, the biggest advantage of Teflon conveyor belts is that they are non-sticky and resistant to strong acids and bases. The biggest disadvantage is that the load of Teflon conveyor belt is lower than that of stainless steel conveyor belt, and the service life of Teflon conveyor belt is lower than that of stainless steel conveyor belt.

Teflon conveyor belt has anti-corrosion resistance and very excellent non-stick characteristics, especially suitable for food conveyor belt. At the same time, Teflon conveyor belt can also work continuously at 260 degrees Celsius. In the working environment, the Teflon conveyor belt is easy to replace, and the price of food-grade Teflon conveyor belt is far lower than the price of food-grade stainless steel conveyor belt. So the baking industry usually uses Teflon conveyor belts instead of stainless steel conveyor belts.

However, because Teflon conveyor belts are not as strong as stainless steel conveyor belts, stainless steel conveyor belts are usually used when harvesting cereals and vegetables on the farm. When there is no need for the two characteristics of non-stick and food grade, stainless steel conveyor belts or other material conveyor belts will be used.

In general, when the conveyor belt has food grade safety requirements, you can consider using Teflon conveyor belt. If you still need non-stick performance, then Teflon conveyor belt will be your first choice.

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