The development and application of fiberglass fabric

The development and application of fiberglass fabric

Fiberglass Cloth

Glass fiber is an artificial inorganic material, it has good physical and chemical properties, as well as mechanical strength. It can be made to various glass fiber products. This paper intends to give a general introduction to the application development of glass fiber from the perspective of utilizing the characteristics of glass fiber, satisfying the sustainable development of economy, and integrating the development.

1. Replace traditional materials in transportation and industry area.

Continuous glass fiber has high strength and more than 70% of this material is used as reinforcing material and composite material. This material can replace metal, pure plastic, wood and other components used in aerospace, aviation, automobiles, ships and other vehicles. Because of its lighter weight, it can reduce the driving force required by these vehicles, save energy and increase speed and extend life.

The lightweight and high-strength properties of FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) are also used in sports equipment and consumer goods such as motorcycles, rowing, ice skating, skiing, etc.

2. New building material

Since glass fiber and its products have good fireproof, heat insulation, sound absorption, radiation resistance, they can be processed into fabric with reinforcing effect. It has a good compatibility with surface coatings and architectural coatings, and has become a new type of building material. Compared with some other new materials, glass fiber creates a living environment that is more energy efficient, safer and more comfortable. Many fiberglass companies have actively researched and developed to meet the needs of this area. Fiberglass products used in construction engineering have become one of the main products of many fiberglass enterprises. Glass fiber is widely used in waterproof materials, reinforcement materials and architectural decoration materials in the field of construction.

3. For harnessing environmental pollution

(1) As filter bag material, glass fiber products play an important role in the filtration and purification of dust-containing gases, especially high-temperature gases. They have been widely used in dust removal and purification in the fields of carbon black, cement, metallurgy and heat industry, and incineration. The glass fiber is processed into a bag and installed in a bag filter.

(2) Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) can be used for corrosion-resistant equipment, devices and structures in waste gas and waste water treatment processes.

(3) Glass fiber is also used in underground environmental protection. It is combined with organic fiber materials and processed into geotechnical materials to prevent soil erosion.
With the improvement of environmental management requirements, China’s requirements for the quality and quantity of environmentally friendly products have also increased. As long as we pay attention to the characteristics of glass fiber and improve the technology and quality of glass fiber environmentally friendly products, the market potential in this field will be great.

4. Develop more new products and provide new materials for the related industries.

(1) For medical use

The application of optical glass fiber in medical applications includes: endoscopic examination and auxiliary treatment of human organs by transmitting light beam; light irradiation of blood to dilute blood; and light curing of filling teeth.

It’s made for medical bandages and artificial bones. The glass fiber is woven into a belt, and the special resin is impregnated as a bandage, and the bone is wrapped around the wound to replace the trouble and side effects of the plaster. Composite prostheses are also widely used. Fiberglass composite artificial bones are being actively developed. Some non-toxic composite materials that do not cause inflammatory reactions and have bone bioactivity have been tested in animals, it has been proved to have ideal biocompatibility, and the bonding strength with the original bone, and it is higher than that of stainless steel, and it is expected to be applied.

Glass fiber composite products related to human health, such as the world’s annual production of various types of composite breathing gas cylinders is about 8 million; sanitary pumps used in food factories, milk factories, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

(2) Glass fiber and its composite materials are increasingly used in defense and high-tech fields, such as bulletproof materials, ablation resistant materials, electromagnetic interference materials, radiation resistant materials, and applied to radomes and some weapons. In recent years, composite materials have played an increasingly important role in the explosion-proof bulletproof system.

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