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What Material Tapes Are Suitable for Use in High Temperature Environments

A variety of high temperature resistant tapes are usually used in painting, lacquered leather processing, painting masking and fixing in the process of electronic parts, PCB and high temperature processing masking. These working environments are generally between 120 degrees Celsius and 260 degrees Celsius, and some extreme environments require 400 degrees Celsius. When using tape […]

Why Does the Teflon High-temperature Tape Have Residual Glue After Use?

Teflon high temperature tape is made of high-quality glass fiber cloth, coated with PTFE resin on the surface, and coated with organic pressure-sensitive silica gel on one side to make high-quality Teflon high-temperature resistant tape.In order to avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to operate correctly and import raw materials in production. But glue residue […]

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Local Supplier Philippines

We supplying PTFE coated fiberglass to local Philippines market, we are a manufacturing supplier specializing in the production and sales of PTFE coated fiberglass products, such as Teflon and silicon rubber. Our main products include Teflon high temperature resistant tape, Teflon mesh belt, Teflon tape, Teflon conveyor belt, Teflon high temperature welding cloth, Teflon mesh […]

Teflon heat resistant belt manufacturers in DurBan

We supplying with high temperature resistant Teflon conveyor belt to Durban South Africa, we are an export manufacturer specializing in R & D, production and sales of high temperature resistant Teflon conveyor belts. We can provide various specifications and models of Teflon material products for the South African market. Our main products include Teflon mesh […]

Reasons That Affect the Strength of Teflon Coated Fiberglass Fabric

As a factory specializing in R&D and production of Teflon coated fiberglass fabric, our engineers often receive inquiries from customers and colleagues as to why some Teflon coated fiberglass fabric has insufficient strength. The use of Teflon coated fiberglass fabric with insufficient strength may tear, which directly affects the use of the product. We have […]